There always seems to be this pressure when you go out to look good. Nice outfit, decent shoes, accessories, etc.

Wouldn't it be nice to go out and not care about what you're wearing? Even better, wouldn't it be nice to go out in your pajamas?! (I mean let's be honest, many of you spend your weekends drinking in your pajamas anyway, right?)

Now's your chance with the 3rd Annual Onesie Bar Crawl through Portland's Old Port.

The crawl is scheduled for Saturday, February 8th and kicks off at 5 pm.

The event features a registration party as well as an after-party where you'll get a souvenir t-shirt, koozie, and more.

So far on the list of bars: Fore Play, Oasis, Gritty's, The Drink Exchange, Bonfire, and Three Dollar Deweys, with more to be announced.

Professional photographers will be snapping photos all night long so you and your friends can remember the epic evening. Keep up to date on the event here and get your tickets here!

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