Hands down this has to be the most epic wedding proposal ever.

NBC Boston is sharing the story of true love between high school sweethearts Lee Loechler and his girlfriend Sthuthi David.  In the go big or go home category this proposal video takes the cake.

Lee, a Boston filmmaker, with the help of many others including Reddit users, edited himself and girlfriend Sthuthi into her favorite film, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

In the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, Mass, Lee had invited friends and family to a private screening of Sleeping Beauty with the edits and was able to keep the secret from his girlfriend until the classic moment when the Prince grabs a ring box and throws it off-screen, Lee catches it and makes his proposal, according to NBC Boston.

As Sthuthi David says yes in the video, the three fairy godmothers in the film hug with glee that Sthuthi says “yes” but David even had a backup reel prepared if she said “no” of the scene in Snow White with the 7 dwarves crying.

Thankfully, Sthuthi said yes.

The work and time editing her favorite film and the assistance of so many users on Reddit were spectacular.  Props to all the guests at the screening for help keeping the secret because what we have in this video is truly a happy ending.


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