Cape Elizabeth Police say a very intoxicated man took the wrong Lyft to the wrong house and tried to get inside mistakenly thinking it was his own house. According to an article in, the man, got into the wrong lyft vehicle, but what is amazing is the car he got in was called by his neighbor. Yes, the man who lives next door to the drunky also had called a lyft to get home.

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After the man was dropped of, police say he staggered towards the home believing it was his and caused a bit of a commotion trying to get inside the home so the actual homeowner called the police.

Paul Fenton, the Chief Of Police for Cape Elizabeth said the inebriated man was then taken to the police station to sleep it off and sober up. According to the report, the homeowner didn't want to press charges.

He may have been hammered out of his mind, but at least he was smart enough to call for a ride home instead of driving, so kudos to you Mr. Drunky!


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