Back in 1947 there were a series of forest fires that destroyed over 17, 000 acres on Mount Desert Island and a total of 200,000 acres statewide and took the likes of 16 people.

According to a Wikipedia page there was an unusual drought from mid July after a wet spring. (sound familiar)? The article says that by September the ground was very dry so state and local officials began implementing preventative measures like no outdoor fires, and asking residents to get their chimneys cleaned. In October of that year the state was in a class 4 state of danger and fire towers that had closed were reopened by the forest service.

By October 7th reports of forest fires in Well, Bowdoin and Portland began pouring in to the forest service, and by the 16th, it's reported that 20 separate fires were called in including Shapleigh and Waterboro where both communities were completely destroyed. The fire, fueled by the trees and the wind spread from Wells to Saco leaving a trail of total destruction in it's wake.



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