Buxton police noticed something strange and got a guy who was allegedly drunk off the road.

According to the Portland Press Herald, two Buxton officers were on patrol Saturday night and noticed a big pick-up truck towing a car. But there were no rear lights and they stopped the truck.

The truck had pulled onto Route 202 from Skip's Lounge and 25-year-old Justin Sproul from East Waterboro was behind the wheel, the newspaper reported.

He was allegedly drunk enough to back into a car, have his hitch latch onto the cars bumper, start driving and NOT NOTICE THAT HE WAS TOWING THE CAR BEHIND HIM!

Buxton Police Dept

The Buxton Police on their Facebook page said that the officers thought what they saw was strange. They were right!

Buston Police Dept


There wasn't anyone in the car he reportedly backed into. And yes, Justin was charged with drunk driving and will be in court in June.

Thanks to the officers for keeping an eye out and noticing that this was not right.