Sure, it's not a national holiday, but it most definitely should be.

Dunkin' is a cultural staple here in New England and we sure do love our iced coffee. For one day each year, Dunkin celebrates Iced Coffee Day.

This annual event is not only to celebrate the deliciousness that is iced coffee but to also do some good in the local community.

For each iced coffee purchased in Maine as well as parts of eastern New Hampshire, $1 of that coffee goes to benefit The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Portland, Maine.

I remember before I ever worked in radio this was a day my office would celebrate. Great coffee for a great cause. What more could one want?! (Okay,  maybe a Munchkin day too?!)

This morning Lori, Jeff, and I made stops at four different Dunkin' locations to celebrate.

First, we made the long commute downstairs to Dunkin' at One City Center.

Then we drove up to West Falmouth.

Returned to Portland at the St. John street location conveniently located near The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

Finally wrapped up on Main Street in Westbrook.

There were so many friendly faces in front of and behind the counter at Dunkin'. As well as many questions about where Lori got her onesie. (Truth is, it just magically appeared at the station one day.) And for the record, if you do comment on the onesie she will insist you touch it as it's incredibly soft.

Cheers to Iced Coffee Day 2022! Until next year, friends!

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