There I was, getting coffee at Dunkin' when I saw something called the Dunkin' Bowl!


I like bowls. I like food in bowls. I like Dunkin'....


I went with the egg white bowl. Ya know, to be good. It's only 250 calories and 14 grams of protein. That's pretty good.


It was delicious! A perfect start to the day. They have a sausage one too! I love it when Dunkin' mixes things up!

Why is it that food tastes better in a bowl? I never got the courage to try one of those KFC bowls...but I bet it would be amazing too. I always do that at home too. Leftovers? Stick them all in a bowl. You add a little dressing or cheese as a fusing agent and viola! Your homemade bowl! But in the morning, I would NEVER make myself a bowl and now I don't have to thanks to Dunkin' bowls! Someone tell me how the sausage one is!