If you've seen the Notebook, then you know this love story.

Jen Pardi-McCarthy is trying to help grant her father's dying wish. He is currently at Maine Medical Center with end of life comfort measures. He has advanced leukemia. His wife is in a nursing home with dementia. They have been married for over 50 years and their love for each other is as strong as the day they met. Jen's mom can't speak but tells her dad she loves him. They haven't hugged in a year because of the pandemic.

Jen Pardi
Jen Pardi

They don't know how much time he has left, but wanted to get his story and lyrics out there.

True love exists and he wrote a song that he thinks Dolly Parton would do justice to.

The family is doing everything they can to grant his wish.

This is his letter to Dolly:

To Dolly Parton,


My name is John and I am hopefully recovering from cancer. My wife has dementia and it's a very tough time for us. I know you love to write lyrics. I was hoping you would work on a song for me. I can't see out of my left eye. I have what's called chemo brain. Very difficult to put words together.


This is what I have so far. I hope I haven't infringed on anyone's music. If so, please correct me.


The day I met you was the best day of my life. The first time I kissed you I knew you would be my wife.


Whenever I hold you tight I want it to last forever and ever.

I will never let you go. I will hold you tight day and night. Oh my love, I don't know how I lived without you.

Oh and when you hold me close and tight, it makes me feel so right.


You made the best days of my life a real joy. Now it's so sad to be alone, no one else at home. I want to be with you again to make my life whole. Put your arms around me and take my heart and soul.


Loving memories of you my heart so true.



Thank you in advance,

John Pardi


We are working to try and get this wish granted. If anyone has any insight as to how to make this happen, please fee free to share this or share what we could do. Thank you!


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