Women are amazing. We work in all fields and this week we celebrate women in construction.


This is Stacey Timberlake and she wants people to know that there are lots of women in construction and other male dominated fields right here in Maine.

Stacey Timberlake
Stacey Timberlake


She loves her job and loves that she's a woman rocking it in a man's world!

But she's not alone.

  • Jen Drake is a residential painter and bath tub refinisher! Been in the field for 10 years now, been a supervisor for the company for 8 years and she loves it!
  • Becca Greenlaw is the Office Manager for a Flooring Contractor. She and her assistant are the only women in the company!
  • Brian Rounds points out he is is NOT a woman. He is actually a male in a female dominated profession (education). But he wanted to honor all the amazing women he works with. 'They are amazing educators and amazing human beings. I'm so thankful to be a part of their school community.'
  • Sheryl Bernard is retired after a 30 year career as a haz mat responder. She always used to joke that there were never any lines for the ladies room during training sessions.
  • Brenda Broder is a business owner (Amore Styles) in Portland. The latest statistic available on Maine businesses owned by women is from 2016 - but that shows 27% of Maine businesses are owned by women! That's 7% higher than the national average.

If you know a strong woman, thank them. They truly are the backbone of Maine.



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