Valentine's Day Ideas

For some people, Valentine's Day is just a holiday marked on the calendar by the big chain corporations as a way/another excuse to rake in the money. For others, Valentine's Day feels like an obligation.

Then there's the hopeless romantics who thrive on Valentine's Day because, in their opinion, it's a day to be all about and celebrate all things love. Partners, friends, children, pets -- it's all about showing love to those you love.

(And let's not forget the select few that look at Valentine's Day and focus on one thing -- half-off candy the following days until it's sold out. They deserve some recognition, too.)

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash
Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

Romantic Restaurants

This is the time of year, whether you buy into the Valentine's Day hype or your partner does so you want to make them feel special, seen, and loved, where the hunt for the most romantic restaurants in the area is on the rise.

Recently, OpenTable -- which is a solid go-to for information about restaurants and booking reservations -- listed the Top 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America, and a Maine hotspot in Kennebunkport, made the list.

Earth at Hidden Pond via Facebook / Heidi Kirn
Earth at Hidden Pond via Facebook / Heidi Kirn

Earth at Hidden Pond

Truthfully, one look at either the Earth at Hidden Pond website or the photos on the Earth at Hidden Pond Facebook page, and there's really no shock that this spot was named one of the most romantic in the entire country, but also the most romantic in Maine.

And the romance isn't just alive around Valentine's Day, either -- Earth is open year-round, always supplying the freshest ingredients like local lobster caught daily, handcrafted pastas, charcuterie, and more. The whole essence of Earth is "farm to fork" freshness that combines local shellfish and meats with ingredients from their onsite organic gardens.

Not to mention their drinks with mixed fruits, herb-infused alcohol, and on occasion, special designs.

According to the official website, Earth at Hidden Pond is open for private dining, special events, and more. So, if you can't get in for Valentine's Day, there are plenty of other opportunities to celebrate a special occasion at one of the most romantic restaurants in the entire country.

Here Are the 25 Most Romantic Places in Maine to Take Your Valentine's Day Date

Some romantic places to bring your loved ones on Valentine's Day in Maine.

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