I've never heard my name in any popular music. Not in the ultimate name dropping track 'Mambo No. 5' by one hit wonder Lou Bega. Not in O-Town's kind of inappropriate 'Liquid Dreams.' Not even in a song by Kylie Minogue, who shares my first name.

Ed Sheeran changed everything. I finally got some time to dive into his new album, 'Divide,this weekend and listen to every track with special focus on the lyrics. Ed Sheeran is one of my all time favorite lyricists. I took some extra time on track 8 after hearing a line that I had to repeat over and over. The song is called 'New Man,' and it is the ultimate diss track.

You were the type of girl that sat beside the water reading
Eating a packet of crisps but you will never find you cheating
Now you’re eating kale, hitting the gym, keeping up with Kylie & Kim
In the back of the club kissing a boy that ain’t him

Okay, yes, he's referencing Kylie Jenner and not me, but still! That's my name! And Ed Sheeran sang it!

Growing up with a semi-unique name meant I never found Kylie keychains at tourist shops and I always had to spell it out for someone trying to write it down. I still have to deal with people calling me Kyle instead of Kylie. Ed Sheeran has made it all worth it.

Listen to the song and catch the line around 1:32.

Do you have a rare name? Have you ever heard your name in a popular song?

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