Eliot Cutler (the Independent candidate for governor) came into the studio on Wednesday 10/29/14 to NOT talk about politics. Just two hours later he held a press conference where we were convinced he was going to drop out of the race...because of us!

He did not drop out, but told supporters to vote their 'conscience' because he knows he truly has no chance of becoming our governor.

He released a statement that said in part:

"Anyone who has supported me – but who now worries that I can not win and is thereby compelled by their fears or their conscience to vote instead for Mr. LePage or Mr. Michaud – should do so."

Then he went on to say that whoever you vote for make sure you support 'ranked choice voting'.

"I long ago proposed that we reform our electoral process, and I directly proposed to my opponents many months ago that Maine adopt it in time for this campaign. Whatever the outcome of this race, the RCV initiative campaign will have my whole-hearted support. RCV will put the brakes on negative campaigning and ensure that future governors lead and govern with the support of a majority of Maine voters, without ignoring the will of those who may have supported other candidates."

Wha? What's that? Good question. I had to Google it myself to find out. Ranked choice voting sounds - well, interesting.

Find out the truly important things about Eliot Cutler with our interview. Like, what's his favorite junk food, how he met his wife (of 42 years) and is he a pet owner?

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