As the weather is getting colder more questions arise about how restaurants and bars are going to continue to stay open. With many establishments, they're not only about food and drinks but entertainment as well. Especially with a city with a bustling music scene, like Portland. What is the best course of action to keep these businesses afloat, bring entertainment to guests, support musicians, and stay safe at the same time?

Updated Industry Guidance was issued yesterday, October 21st and it specifically addresses this unique issue.

As with employees and guests, entertainers are required to be socially distant and wear a face-covering per guidelines and when practical. That means, for example, that singers are not required to wear a mask while singing.

Singers are welcome to perform outdoors but are not permitted to perform indoors. However, musicians only playing instruments (aside from brass or woodwind instruments, which are also prohibited indoors) may perform inside.

For review:

Okay inside:

Musician playing on acoustic guitar

Not okay inside:

Cute emotional singer with microphone on the stage

The updated guide also recommends installing sneeze guards between musicians if possible.

Finally, the guide says that no mingling, dancing, or congregating will be allowed for small spaces.

As someone who would love nothing more than to go out on a Friday night to dance and enjoy live music, I get it. This is frustrating. The pandemic is frustrating. We miss normalcy and that's ok. What's not ok is taking your frustrations out on restaurant/bar staff. If you feel comfortable enough going out, that's great. If you're asked to wear a mask, take a seat, stop dancing, etc. just do what you're told. These are rules coming from far above your server's head. They're doing their job, respect that, or eat at home.

To read the updated guide in full click here.

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