'Tis the season for packages galore to be delivered to your front door in the name of convenience... and then promptly swiped by porch pirates with no moral compass.

Maine is no exception to this country-wide epidemic of seasonal theft, and sadly a lot of us have experienced it. It's so disappointing to get a notification that your package was delivered, only to rush home and see an empty porch. Those greedy bastards.

Some of us have gotten so fed up with it, we've come up with ways to disappoint the thieves in turn. Packaged cat poop is one idea... And then these engineers took the time to design a box that first attacks with glitter... and then farts. The best part is, they set it up to capture everything on video to report back.

If this doesn't make you want to become an engineer, I don't know what will. In the mean time, perhaps a handful of glitter and a spring will do.

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