There's an unbelievable Disney-themed room that is done by super-talented local artist Octavia Bishop.

The inspiration was a trip to Florida and Disney.

This couple in Cornish is expecting a baby boy in February (phew, not in 2020!), and they decided to have a friend and phenomenal artist Octavia Bishop paint the Disney themed room.

There is "Aladdin," "Finding Nemo," "The Lion King" and even "Peter Pan" on the ceiling!


There's "Finding Nemo"...


And "The Lion King"...


...a "Peter Pan" ceiling...


Even "Aladdin" makes an appearance...


Octavia Bishop is phenomenal in her talents and even showed some of the process....


To be a kid growing up in this room!! With everything covid this or political that - this is such a great break.

Here's to a little boy who will definitely grow up with fantasy and color and laughter and fun. The most creative thing in my room was a wall lamp that dad took a sharpie to the cord so it blended with the wallpaper a little better.

And I thought THAT was amazing!

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