Facebook users are getting excited after having seen an event page promoting the Great State of Maine Airshow in September. Unfortunately, even though the page claims to be the "official Event Page of the 2022 Air Show," it most definitely is not.

The Great State of Maine Airshow has been a much looked forward to event from the 1980s until today, where it is held at the Brunswick Executive Airport, the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. The previous show was on September 4th and 5th, 2021 and featured the U.S. Navy Blue Angels among other aerial performances.

There's an event page on Facebook that claims that the air show is coming back this year, saying "The U.S. Navy Blue Angels return in their brand new F-18 Super Hornet Jets to Maine over Labor Day Weekend, Sept 5 & 6, 2022." Yet, in the title of the event, they state the dates as September 4 and 5. There's the first clue that this is fake. Unfortunately, 138 people have said they're going while almost 2000 are interested.

The second clue is that the event was created by a Facebook page titled "Best Air Show," which has created events for air shows all across the country. It sounds a bit like these events are created by an air show fan.

The official Great State of Maine Airshow Facebook page was last updated on September 8, 2021 when they shared the above video from the Blue Angels after the show. Their official website has no info whatsoever about the Great State of Maine Airshow for 2022 and that's normal. The show happens if and when they can book a headliner like the Blue Angels.

Sorry to get your hope up for the show, but it's likely that the Great State of Maine Airshow will return sometime in the future.

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