I can completely understand why the Falmouth Fire Department wishes this package had come with some sort of warning....


You know those CPR mannequins? The ones with just a head and chest and no arms. You can practice CPR and reviving someone with the right breaths and rhythmic chest compressions. Well, what happens if your mannequins head was damaged in shipping? Why, they send you a new one!


I 100% agree that this should have come with a warning! I can just imagine the conversation while opening the mail.....


Hey Bob...do you remember what we ordered here at the station?


Me either...well, I suppose I'll just see...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!


Well, that could just be how I would have reacted by opening up a plastic head that looks like it desperately needs reviving! Practice away Falmouth fire fighters! We appreciate you replacing your cracked face with a brand spanking new one! May we never need your excellent training!


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