After 41 years, Falmouth House of Pizza is moving, because they have to.

Here is the sign that was on their door.


It says:

After 41 years at this location, having never missed a rent payment, the new landlord has refused to continue leasing this property to Steve and Antonia Sotiropoulos. The owner of the shopping center has served an eviction notice on us and we must completely vacate prior to May 1st. We play to relocate the Falmouth House of Pizza to a convenient location in Falmouth in the near future. Steve and Antonia Sotiropoulos look forward to seeing you at the new Falmouth house of Pizza. We hope to announce it's location soon.

Holy cow. I eat here quite frequently and asked Antonia if it was true!

She said yes, and that it was sad and frustrating. She mentioned the landlord and how they had raised their rent - and that they paid it; that they did everything that was asked of them.

Falmouth House of Pizza's last day open at that location will be Tuesday, April 23rd. They mentioned that they had a place picked out, but wouldn't find out if it was going to happen until this week.

I told her that Falmouth House of Pizza customers were loyal and would follow where they went....

Hopefully, we'll find out soon where and when that will be.


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