The Falmouth Shopping Center was bought in March and the new owners promptly served new tenant Ocean State Job Lot with an eviction notice.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Ocean State Job lot spent $1.3 million to renovate their space in the Falmouth Shopping Center when the moved in last October. The shopping center was bought in March by Joseph Soley and Jonathan Cohen and shortly after served Ocean State Job Lot with an eviction notice in March claiming there was a "technicality in the exchange of documents." Ocean State Job Lot plans to fight the eviction notice.

Joseph Soley, who pretty much owns most of Portland, has made the news many times over the years over real estate dealings. It makes us wonder what the real motivation is for the eviction. The store has been welcomed by Falmouth residents and is an anchor  in what has been a failing shopping center for years. Ocean State Job Lot has taken over many former department stores across the state to keep shopping centers in business.

We'll keep our eye on how this plays out as it likely will be left for a court to decide on an outcome.

UPDATE: Ocean State Job Lot contacted us with a statement regarding the matter.

"As a growing company in the state of Maine and committed community partner, we were shocked and dismayed to be given a notice of eviction by the new ownership group of the Falmouth Shopping Center. By signing a long-term lease with the previous owners, we made a lasting commitment to the town of Falmouth – a promise to provide jobs, economic stability, community support to local food pantries, veterans organizations and local charities - and of course, offer tremendous value to local residents.

Shortly after assuming ownership of the property, 20 Thames Street LLC and 122 PTIP LLC, served us with a notice of eviction on what we believe is a legal technicality. We are intent on vigorously defending the validity of our original lease, and in turn keeping our promise to be a good neighbor and corporate citizen to the residents of Falmouth and the state of Maine.”

-John Conforti, Chief Financial Officer, Ocean State Job Lot


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