Lisa Taylor will receive an award given out to only one of Walmart's millions of employees. Why did Lisa from Falmouth Walmart get it?

Because she's awesome!

Lisa noticed that a lot of older customers were asking for money grams with a story about needing to send money to bail a grandchild out of jail.

Lisa knew these older folks were being scammed, and she would refuse to give them the money. If they insisted, she would call the Falmouth Police Department to back her up.

Knowing how these scams work, Lisa probably saved these older customers tens of thousands of dollars!

I live near this Walmart, and I see Lisa all the time. And I should, because she's worked at Walmart for 24 years. She's such a hard worker, and so nice and professional.

Later this May, Lisa will fly to the company's shareholders' meeting in Arkansas to get the Walmart Ethics Integrity Action Award, which is given to only one of their 2.2 million employees.

So, if you see Lisa and tell her she's one in a million, well, it's actually one in 2.2 million.

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