Lately, the weather has been so up and down on the east coast, especially in Maine that I've been trying to explore activities to do that will keep me from becoming depressed.

Luckily, Maine has a ton of cool, authentic places to visit that can be fun for the whole fam if you've got little ones that need to just get out of the house.

Let me break three of them down for you to help you out

1. The Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine

Located right on a peninsula, which makes it even cooler, that lands on Thompson's Point in Portland, Maine, lies a brand new children's museum that was just built in 2021.

It features a wide variety of exhibits your whole squad can interact with to keep your whole family involved!


2. Happy Wheels Roller Skating Rink

This is one of those activities you forgot existed until you see an article like this one to remind you (and the rink is right in Westbrook, Maine).

If you're anything like me, you're excited right now and putting your friends in a group chat to make plans, or maybe you're not. That's OK, too. But, if you're feeling like living out a piece of your childhood again, indoor roller skating at Happy Wheels is the perfect way to bring back the mems.

3. DiMillo's Old Port Marina (A floating boat restaurant)

So, yes you can go to just any restaurant with the fam when it's raining, but I think the cool twist here would be the fact that your eating in a hollowed-out boat floating in the marina where you can watch the rain hitting the ocean.

Right in downtown Portland, you can park the car, walk down a long dock, and feel like you're cruising the ocean in a rainstorm while you order dinner!

Talk about making the best of a rainy situation?!

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