There are many signs of spring in Maine. Birds start chirping, peepers start peeping, the grass gets greener and temperatures get warmer. But you really know it's spring when Fat-Boy Drive-in in Brunswick announced its opening date.

Fat-Boy is gearing up for its 67th season of operating as a 50's style drive-in restaurant that is stuck in time, and that's a good thing. There's something special about a place that has been around this long and has stayed true to what it was when it opened up all those years ago.

On Monday, Fat-Boy announced its opening date on Facebook with a clever little rhyme:

Spring has sprung and Summer is near! You know what that means, Fat Boy’s season opening is here! ⭐️ It may be April Fool’s, but this is no joke- I don’t know about you, but we sure are stoked! Hope to see everyone this Friday (4/1), Saturday (4/2) and Sunday (4/3) for our 67th season opening at Fat Boy. Open 11-7! 

Yes! I'm ready Fat-Boy and I'm going to have a double royal burger, onion rings and a banana frappe.

In case you've never been to Fat-Boy, they're at 111 Bath Road in Brunswick. When you get there, roll your window down, turn on your lights and a server will be out to take your order and when they return, will place the tray of food on your window. The food is great and the experience is definitely worth the drive. Who needs Sonic when you have Fat-Boy?

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