That alone made me weep...

According to WMTW, an orphaned fawn was found crying next to her mother who had been hit by a car and killed. The little fawn has been rescued, according to the Salem New Hampshire Police Department.

Someone in Pelham, New Hampshire, heard crying in the woods before he left for work and still heard it when he came home. When he went to find what it was, that's when he found this sweet little broken hearted fawn.

Salem Police Department
Salem Police Department


Honestly, this just made me so sad. Police say that the deer was obviously hit by a car, but made it back to her fawn before dying, according to the article.

Pelham police officers brought the poor fawn to Salem Animal Control.

Police also wanted to remind people, that although this little fawn was orphaned, most young animals alone are not. Their parents are usually just out getting food - so please do leave little ones alone.

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