Since I have just moved to Maine, I have been warned about how fearless moose are, especially on the roads.

I know that they can charge at any time, and that no car can stand up against a moose.

I will say I do want to see a moose up close and personal, but I don’t know if I would be able to handle what this one Mainer did recently.

A woman in Maine pulled over to the side of the road on her way home with her dog.

I highly doubt that she anticipated she would record an amazing video.

According to UPI, Margo Lukens of Orono saw there was a line of cars stopped on both sides of the road.

Of course, when you see that, you want to try to find another route home, but Lukens kept going.

Lukens talked with Bangor Daily News about how her and her dog, Reese, were on their way home from a day of cross-country skiing at the Caribou Bog Conservation Area.

Lukens, an English professor at The University of Maine, told the newspaper that not only was there a line of cars stopped on the side of the road but, "I could see that there was a police car, pulled over facing our traffic, on the other side and I thought, 'well something's going on.'"

Whenever in traffic, you always try to find the reason why you are sitting in traffic.

That is exactly what Lukens did.

According to UPI, Lukens looked in through her window to the car in front of her and, there it was: a moose calf.

When the car in front of her started to turn, you guessed it, the moose had someone else to focus on: Lukens.

Lukens was nice enough to share the video with the Bangor Daily News that she recorded as the moose calf started to walk up to get nice and close to her car.

It seems the moose calf was a bit hungry and started to lick the snow off the hood of her car, while it was still running!

At least the moose seemed to thank Lukens by looking at her after he was done and walked away.

Lukens says that she did not feel threatened by the moose, the newspaper stated, and was surprised that Reese did not react to this close encounter.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the moose in Lukens' video resembles a calf that was also caught on video last month in the Bangor City Forest.

It seems that if you want to have a run-in with a moose calf, Bangor may be the perfect place to stop.

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