After the trials and tribulations of the last few years, one thing’s for certain, despite it all, ice cream makes things better. And Fielder’s Choice Ice Cream, a Mainer (and tourist) favorite, and staple fully recognized that.

Back in December, they announced that all of their locations would remain open during the typical off-season, just with limited days and hours. Through the winter months, they were open Thursdays and Sundays from noon until 8 and Fridays and Saturdays from noon until 8:30.

Even though we’ve been lucky to see some warm-ish days recently we are still far from that sweet Maine summer heat but Fielder’s Choice doesn’t mind. The people want their ice cream and Fielder’s Choice is going to deliver. Well, not deliver to you. They can’t be expected to do everything. But you can always hit up the window or drive-thru.

As of March 7th 2022, Fielder’s Choice has announced they’re fully back!

Fielder’s Choice has six locations throughout the state. Sabattus, Brunswick, Manchester, Old Orchard Beach, Auburn, and Bangor.

They are known for their delicious homemade ice cream flavors and their massive proportions.

Seriously, I went on a date once, and not thinking, he ordered me (someone who can handle at least most of a small) a medium. Everyone in line turned and watched him bring it to me in horror. Oh and the Round Tripper Biscuit? If you’re thinking of a classic Toll House ice cream cookie sandwich or a Sea Dogs Biscuit, think again. Yes, it’s ice cream between two cookies, but it’s three large scoops between two very large cookies. It’s a glorious sight to see.

If you’ve been missing Fielder’s Choice in your life head on over to your closest location. They are open Sunday through Thursday noon until 8, and Friday and Saturday from noon until 8:30.

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