Are you looking for a new job in an economy where people think there are none?

Well, Boston Brands of Maine is looking to increase the production of fireball to 24/7, and they need good people on the line to keep producing a quality product.

According the Sun Journal, Boston Brands of Maine recently completed a $4 million expansion of their bottling plant in Lewiston and just created 46 new jobs required to bring the plant to round-the-clock production of the delicious cinnamon flavored whisky that has become the most popular alcohol in Maine.

Well, if you're looking to have one of those jobs, Boston Brands of Maine is hosting phone and video interviews on Wednesday, March 4, from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm by phone.

To schedule your meeting, please click this link. 

Either way, it looks like you'll never run out of your favorite adult beverage with it being produced 24/7, right?

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