I follow the Celtics, but have never been to a game. Not only did the family go to a game, but we got to do some cool stuff BEFORE the game!


Jen decided as a family treat to do this special pre-game package at TD Garden. You get to go court side before the game and watch the players practice.

It was pretty incredible...but also telling. This is power forward Daniel Theis practicing and well...he played just like he practiced.


The Celtics had been kicking ass...we just happened to catch them as they are in a bit of a slump and have lost something like 8 of their last 14. Despite that loss and it was a killer (we came back at one point and that was awesome!) it was an amazing game.

I even loved the half time show. Lucky the Celtics Mascot is quite the player!



It was a super fun night and well, ya can't win them all. But after spending 75 bucks on 3 burgers and drinks, buying a 10 dollar foam finger, buying a two foot long wedge of pizza, skipping the 12 dollar beers and watching a buzzer beater at the end of the 3rd quarter...it was a pretty incredible night!


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