Two brothers, two Roy's All Steak Hamburgers and all sorts of confusion.

When Governor Janet Mills last week issued an executive order requiring businesses to enforce mandatory face coverings for customers in indoor public places, and outside too if social distancing is not possible, it upset some people.

According to the Sun Journal, Roy’s All Steak Hamburgers on Washington Street in Auburn, had a sign that went up on their door the day after the executive order went up.

Dezarea Caron/Facebook
Dezarea Caron/Facebook

This was posted on Facebook and shared hundreds of times. When the Sun Journal called on Friday (the day after this sign went up), Jeff Roy had taken it down and was in compliance with the face covering order.

He told the Sun Journal that it was all a bunch of 'BS'.

Now what complicates this story is that there are TWO Roy's All Steak Hamburgers in Auburn. The other one is Roy’s All Steak Hamburgers & Golf Center, and that is owned by Jon Roy...Jeff's brother. That Roy's is on Turner Road and has mini golf and a driving range. He had to take to Facebook to answer questions about face masks. He has been requiring his employees to wear face masks since they opened in May.

He didn't know why his brother took that 'ignorant stance'.



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