The Viking Open in a strongman competition held in Brunswick, Maine. On July 27th, strongman competitors will show up to compete in a multitude of weight lifting events and vie for the title of Viking Open Champion.

This year's special guest is a man who is breaking records in and out of the weight room. Professional strongman Rob Kearney is the first openly gay pro strength athlete. In a sport that balances on traditional portrayal of ultimate masculine machismo, Kearney is proof that masculinity is more than who you love and how much you lift; it's living your life honestly and doing what you're passionate about.

Courtesy of Ryan Martin
Courtesy of Ryan Martin

Kearney is a massive inspiration to the LGBTQ community and his story is one you don't want to miss. This year's event will likely draw more than the typical Viking Open audience, as Kearney's experience transcends the sport and speaks to people on a very personal level.

Kearney will be competing at World's Strongest Man in June and will be in Brunswick July 27th and 28th. For details on the events included in the Viking Open and the strongman clinic hosted by Kearney the next day, check out promoter Ryan Martin's post below:

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