Woke up to find that the plow guy knocked the mailbox over. Okay...now what?


Of course, I was upset - and went on the radio and complained.

People called and told me I was screwed and had to replace it on my own. Wha?

Then other people called and said that I didn't have to replace it and that the town should. Wha?


Then Mike the Plow Guy called. He's the one who hit it. He said that a co-worker told him to listen to the Q and as he did, I think I may have been saying I was gonna punch him in the throat. He couldn't have been nicer or more apologetic. Oh man - I felt like a turd. And he did say that the town would replace it. I like Mike.

Cool. I'm hoping to get one of these bad boys:



I almost feel like I went through an initiation. It appears this happens quite a lot. Have you had the plow guy knock down your mailbox and if so...what happened?

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