What is the best sandwich you have ever had? And, where did you get it from? Man, now I am hungry.....

Can you imagine that your job is to fly around to every state, taste your way through the most delicious sandwiches in the country and name a fav for each state? I want that job man for real! Well, someone from the Food Network got to do this, and I am 'jelly'. They complied a list of the most tasty sandwich for each state and now we get to go out and enjoy them! Nom nom nom nom.....


Duckfat at 43 Middle Street in Portland has THE most mouth watering panini EVER! It has duck confit  with a sweet seasonal spread like fig or blueberry. They are also well known for cooking their french fries in duck fat. SO YUMMY!


New Hampshire

Miller's at 16 Mill Street in Littleton New Hampshire serves up a fantastic Yankee Pot Roast Sandwich. It is a filling tandoori flatbread with delectable Yankee pot roast and various toppings.

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