We absolutely love Frankie MacDonald and his weather warnings. The YouTube star from Nova Scotia posted a hurricane Dorian warning video this week letting everyone know what precautions they should take.

Frankie has been posting weather warning videos for several years now. He has over 200,000 followers on his YouTube channel and has created thousands of videos. Frankie, who has autism, says he always wanted to be a weather forecaster. Thanks to YouTube, he is living his dream by providing his forecasts and weather warnings that have been seen by millions.

This week he is in his prime with the tracking of hurricane Dorian travelling slowly up the eastern seaboard. It will miss Maine but is going to be a direct hit for Nova Scotia with landfall predicted for Saturday.


The threat is real and Frankie is letting everyone know with his signature delivery.


Frankie's enthusiasm is awesome! Stay safe Frankie! We'll be watching for more updates as the storm approaches.



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