Finally, a holiday that is meant to be celebrated while quarantined in your basement, 4/20.

So, how did 420 become a "thing" anyway? According to Time, it dates back to the year 1971. A handful of students at a California high school would meet at 4:20 pm to smoke. Even saying "420" became their code for "let's go smoke".

Although some say the holiday has lost its flair since marijuana was legalized in Maine, die-hards will still be taking time out of their day to partake in a little celebration.

Now, I'm not above puns and apparently the Fryeburg Police Department isn't either. This morning they posted a little Happy 4/20 message on their Facebook page:

Never thought you'd see the day a police department giving out well wishes for a stoner's Christmas did ya?

While I don't personally partake, I shall watch Pineapple Express in your honor. *Insert Seth Rogan laugh here.*

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