Gary Marandola Jr.

Gary Marandola Jr. aka Gary The BBQ Chef has made a huge name for himself on social media. He is currently sitting at 1.8 million followers on TikTok alone. He then got the attention of Fox and was invited to participate in Next Level Chef, a cooking competition show hosted by Gordon Ramsay. While Gary didn’t win the show he certainly won our hearts with his humor and incredible dishes.

While he calls Rhode Island home, he recently came up to Maine to visit a couple of other well-loved Maine influencers. The two influencers living in Maine being perhaps all they have in common.

Adam Libby

Adam Libby is a special guy that loves to cook and share his dishes with the world and is 1.4 million followers. Chef Adam lives in Lincoln and has down syndrome but nothing slows him down. He especially loves his smoker. As one follower joked, Adam has a disability, dis ability to cook!

Gary and Adam teamed up for some incredible dishes. First showing how to reverse sear a tomahawk steak.

Then the duo teamed up to make some incredible hotdogs.


Next Gary met up with Tatum. A dog from Bangor. Yes, a dog who has amassed 3.3 million followers. Tatum is a real dog’s dog. He talks and thinks like your average good boy and I dare you not to love him!

Gary knew he had to deliver as Tatum has likely developed a sophisticated taste with his fame. Gary whipped up some truly elegant steaks with a bit of heavy metal energy mixed in.

From Tatum’s perspective:

Tatum was not impressed with the parsley.

Thanks for visiting our great state, Gary, and for spending some time with Adam and Tatum who we all adore!

Be sure to hit us up if you want to feed any radio DJs!

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