Ok, ok, ok... I admit it. I'm a burritoholic. They're THAT good!

Chipotle has finally opened their Portland location, in the new Century Plaza area, at the intersection of Marginal Way, Kennebec Street, and Forest Ave. It's also just a few blocks away from my apartment. Coincidence? No way. The burrito gods have finally answered my daily prayers.

Until today, Chipotle has only had two locations in Southern Maine - across from Best Buy at the Maine Mall in South Portland, and in the Westbrook Crossing shopping center. No more trips out of the city to get your burrito fix!

Think I'm kidding about this whole burrito addiction thing? Think again. I have been known to drive from Presque Isle to Bangor (true story) to savor the amazingness that is a Chipotle burrito.

Don't believe me? In 2013, I begged them to come to Bangor, and they ultimately opened up shop.

Now, they're open virtually seconds from where I live. The reason is simple: Apparently, I alone can support an entire franchise. I am not ashamed.

On the serious though... I'm gonna stick to one per week. Or maybe two. Not counting weekends.

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