If there's one thing that Craigslist and the Facebook Marketplace has taught us, it's that everything can be for sale.

A quick visit to the marketplace right now will show everything from video games, vehicles and a chicken leg that apparently looks like a scary clown. (we wish we were making that up) Despite that mix between ordinary and bizarre, those items all seem reasonable for any marketplace.

But it definitely would take a special person to be searching Facebook for this gem right here.


If your mouth suddenly got dry and you're without appetite, nobody would blame you. Apparently someone in Gorham, Maine decided that their hair should be placed into Ziplock bags and sold to the highest bidder. Best part, it's not just one or two bags of hair, it's THREE.

I guess if whatever you plan on doing with a bag of someone else's hair goes haywire, you've got a couple backup bags.

But an item as exclusive as this simply can't be given away for free. No, these three bags of someone's hair will cost you a cool fifteen bucks. Five bucks per bag seems like a steal. As of this writing, the listing has been up for two weeks without any takers, so you're hopes of dreams of being the first person in on small treasure are still alive and well.

To be fair to the seller, human hair is used occasionally in composting for its rich source of nitrogen. Still doesn't take away the weirdness of seeing it listed on the marketplace.

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