In a normal season, Acadia can be a zoo and it's a pain. But during a pandemic, it could potentially be a problem.


According to News Center Maine, park officials hope that reserving parking will cut down on severe traffic and parking congestion. You just need to plan ahead and hopefully it will be a better park experience. Acadia National Park will be introducing Vehicle Reservations at the Sand Beach Entrance and Cadillac Summit Road in October.

Road in Acadia National Park Maine

The Superintendent Kevin Schneider says that during peak times, you will have guaranteed access to the parks most popular areas with a reservation. If you walk or bike in, you don't need a reservation. You will need a car reservation to the Sand Beach Entrance from 7am - 5pm. The Cadillac Summit Road will take reservations from 4:30am - 6:30pm.  Just head to to make a reservation. You will need  to tell them when you will enter, but you don't have to tell them when you are leaving.

If you leave the park, you'll need to make another reservation to get back in. You've got to have a valid entrance pass, and reservations cost 2 dollars and you have to get them online. You can't get a reservation at the park.

The reservations will be from October 1 through 18. They are working out the kinks to have it for the full season in 2021.



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