We may be a bit biased but Maine is one of the most stunning states in the country. Between Acadia National Park, all of our lighthouses, forest area, and animal life, there's beauty to be experienced everywhere.

Maybe you're not from Maine but it holds a piece of your heart.

Maybe you've lived here all your life and you don't get to get out and enjoy Maine's beauty as much as you'd like.

Well, one thing that oftentimes demands our attention is our phones. Take a look at over 30 absolutely stunning free photos taken from all around the state that would look incredible as the background or lock screen on your phone.

Download one or download them all.

There is truly something for everyone and every aesthetic as long as you love the great state of Maine.

30+ Stunning FREE Phone Wallpapers for Maine Lovers Everywhere

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The 10 Most Beautiful Downtowns To Stroll In Maine

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