Yes! Boothbay Harbor has survived the winter - despite this latest round! Come snow or high water they are having a Spring Fling and you're invited!


Boothbay Harbor is itching to have you come visit before they are taken over by people from Connecticut who use the word 'quaint' wayyyy too much.

There are businesses (darn near all of them) with specials and deals and prizes and celebrations.

There's food galore and it's all hosted by the best little popcorn store ever, Coastal Maine Popcorn Company!

Maybe you can do a little Mother's Day shopping. (What mother doesn't LOVE Boothbay Harbor?) Heck, my parents only visited me in Maine twice in my over 30 years. On their first visit, I took them to Boothbay Harbor. This was 20 years ago and I fought BIW traffic smack in the middle of summer - AT RUSH HOUR!

And it was worth it.

Imagine on a crisp spring day saving and eating your way through everything they have to offer! Clear the calendar and make plans to head up on Saturday!

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