It looks like everyone in every industry is taking precautions surrounding COVID-19, as they should.

This includes Maine's favorite ice cream, Gifford's.


Oftentimes the opening if your favorite ice cream stand is a sign of warmer weather and brighter days to come. In a time where quarantines and social distancing are things we should all be practicing, Gifford's is doing their part to keep the temptations to leave our homes at bay. Not to mention, protecting their own employees from exposure.

Gifford's factory is based in Skowhegan and they have has dozens of stands throughout the state.

They had planned on opening the stands on Friday, March 20th but amid COVID-19 concerns they pushing opening day to a future to be determined date.

You can still get your Gifford's fix at many retail grocers around the state, assuming no one decided to hoard Moose Tracks. (And they better not have, that's my favorite!) For a list of retail locations check here.

Keep up to date on their new opening day by following their Facebook page here. Something tells me we'll all want a reason to get out and celebrate real soon.

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