Your dog's dogs are barkin'! It's time to give their weary feet a break and take over the agility course running responsibilities for once. Tails to Trails is hosting the first HUMAN agility contest at the Cocheco Valley Humane Society on Sunday, June 2nd from 10am - 1pm.

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In this long-awaited role reversal, humans will compete in a dog-inspired agility course, crawling through tunnels, jumping through hoops, and striking their best pose for the judges - who are, of course, the dogs. How do they get dogs to judge humans on their agility skills? Who can say. It's none of our concern. Just focus on practicing your routine, okay?

First of all, you'll need to find a partner. Participants will compete in pairs, with one person acting as the handler and the other running the course. The handler will coach the competitor through the obstacles, one by one, until they've completed the course in style. The competitor's job is to - duh - follow their handler's instructions and do their best to fill the shoes of the amazing dogs who complete those obstacles on a regular basis.

According to the facebook event page, teams will be judged on both speed and accuracy, as well as their commitment to their roles as handler and competitor! Again, unclear how they're getting dogs to communicate all their feedback effectively, but all that will become clear on the day of the event, eh?

Stay tuned to the facebook event page for course info, rules, and sign-up information! Get ready to unleash your inner agility dog, and join Tails to Trails for some ridiculous, fun-filled friendly competition at the T2T New England Open on June 2nd!

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