There are two types of people in this world when it comes to the great outdoors there are campers, and there are glampers. I am definitely the latter of the two as I'm not a huge fan of pitching a tent out in the middle of the woods and building a fire where bears can find my food and chase me off whenever they so, please.

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That's why I am glad that there is such a thing as Glamping because let's face it; not all of us are meant to rough it if we don't have to. That's why the Terramor resort, in Bar Harbor, offers both amenities at one campground so that a family trip can have something that everyone needs.

"Glamping is a term for glamorous camping. So, at Terramor, glamorous camping means you get a beautiful tent with a luxury king bed, Pendleton blankets, your own bathroom," said Whitney Scott, the VP of marketing to Fox 22 Bangor.

The spacing out of these glamorous tents is also great for the resort as it's entirely ready for COVID19 the people who go there for the summer are fully prepared to meet social distancing requirements.  

There's no doubt that this resort will give you your outdoor fix while not neglecting the finer things in life that let's be honest; most of us cannot leave at home. You want to book a massage they've got that! Want electrical outlets in those tents? They have them too! King-sized bed, guess what they've got it! I know you're thinking "Kwame if you want all of those things why would you go to a campground, why not a hotel?" The answer is I want s' mores.

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