The Scarborough Children's Circus, a seasoned performance group, celebrates its first appearance at Portland's Cross Insurance Arena tomorrow, Thursday March 21st, opening for the Harlem Globetrotters.

Now's your chance to see the Gym Dandies in action, riding unicycles (some 6-8 feet tall!), juggling, and spinning diablos (those giant yoyo things that you balance between two sticks).

Eric Tirrell via

The Gym Dandies are the perfect opening act for the Globetrotters, who roll into Portland tomorrow for an exciting mixup of basketball and entertainment in the Cross Insurance Arena.

Eric Tirrell via

Audiences up and down the East Coast rave about the Gym Dandies. Their director David Sloatman attests to the 3rd-12th graders' hard work and dedication to the sport of circusing (my word, not his):

"These kids are doing great things that most people can't even imagine doing. It's a really great feeling seeing the older kids helping out the younger kids and watching them all succeed."

The appearance kicks off an active 38th season of performance for the Gym Dandies. Their Annual Community Performance (and main fund raiser) on March 29-30 will draw an audience from far and wide. You can buy tickets for only $6 at the door of the Wentworth Gym in Scarborough. Check out their schedule of events for other opportunities to see these kids perform amazing stunts.