The driver of this motor home seems to have thought they were driving something the size of a Prius rather than a bus when they pulled into this spot.

Seeing RV's and Motor Homes parking in Walmart parking lots is a pretty common thing, but usually they park in an area without any nearby cars. The person parking this monster motor home however decided they were going to park like everyone else, in an actual parking space.

Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor

I've never driven a motor home, but I'm pretty sure this is a near impossible feat of maneuvering to pull into a space that only half your vehicle fits in. Turns out I'm right.

Lisa Taylor, who took this photo at the Falmouth Walmart, said that the driver managed to scrape the entire side of one vehicle getting into this spot. We all get upset when someone puts a ding in our door with their carelessness. Imagine how the owner of that car feels!

And let's say they even were able to get in and out of that spot without hitting anything. Look how far they are sticking out into the parking lot. They're setting someone up for a potential accident. Anyone backing near this guy wouldn't be able to see any traffic coming.

It looks like that kid in the orange hat is looking at that parking job and is just as confused as the rest of us.

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