So, when it comes to Halloween and the lack of trick or treating this year, it's the Portland Sea Dogs to the rescue!

The Portland Sea Dogs will have Halloween and Hadlock field where they will allow children and parents to trick or treat socially distance around the warning track, according to WMTW Channel 8

In the stadium, the team will be able they'll be able to give out candy while meeting Portland's Halloween guidelines, the news station reported. The Sea Dogs will be giving out Sea Dogs gear as well for families to go home with, including hats, cards and other merchandise.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Tickets to the park are $10 a person, and it definitely sounds like it's going to be an excellent time for a family of all shapes and sizes. With the lack of a minor League Baseball season, the Sea Dogs have been an active group as recently their stadium was used as a driving range.

The team's mascot has had other activities to keep him busy and keep the team in the public eye. The Sea Dogs champion this city as their own.

Are you excited to go to Halloween trick-or-treating at the stadium?

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