Girls on the Run has their annual Spring 5k at a brand new location! Get ready to be inspired on June 2nd!


After years of a great run at the Cumberland Fairgrounds, the girls are moving to St. Joseph's College in Standish!

Does your school or community have a Girls on the Run team? If not, you can start one!

GOTR is an after-school life skills program that incorporates running and inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident. At GOTR, girls learn to embrace who they really are instead of becoming someone others think they should be. That's just as important to learning how to run!

If you want to see Girls on the Run in action, we invite you to attend the un-timed, non-competitive GOTR 5K on Sunday, June 2nd at a brand new location Saint Joseph's College in Standish!  I'll be there as your emcee (it's Lori Voornas!)  Don't want to run the 5K? Sign up to Volunteer! You can help make it a safe and spirited event for the girls and their families.

Witness the magic of GOTR as over 800 girls from Southern and Western Maine cross the finish line with confidence. The positive energy can be felt for miles!

Visit to learn more about starting a site for Fall 2019 or to register to run or volunteer for the GOTR 5K on June 2nd. Choose joy!

Courtesy of Girls On The Run
Courtesy of Girls On The Run



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