Rosie the Riveter. Wonder Woman. The Spice Girls. If we're lucky enough -- our mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, and every other influential woman in our lives.

All examples of strong women bringing awareness to exactly how strong women can be, are, and should have the respect they deserve to be viewed as.

Another example? The future (and honestly, already current) queens of goddesses of the world that are right here in Maine.

KindaClassyKids via YouTube
KindaClassyKids via YouTube

Girls on the Run 5K Brunswick Maine

On Sunday, June 2, the first Girls on the Run 5K of the 2024 season will kickoff, and officially be bigger than ever.

Because the event has grown so much in popularity and impact that just one start time isn't enough. For the first time ever, two start times will take place at the Brunswick Rec Center at Brunswick Landing in Maine -- 10a and 2p, with one hour of schedule pre-run fun leading up to the start times.

According to Executive Director Emily Clark:

We are serving so many girls (970!) that we need to break into two start times!


Girls on the Run Maine

Girls on the Run is much more than just a scheduled celebratory 5K to wrap up each season. According to the official GOTR website:

Girls on the Run offers programs designed to inspire girls of all abilities to recognize and embrace their inner strength and make meaningful connections with others.

And it's not too late to help these confident girls and future leaders of generations for the upcoming Girls on the Run 5K, as the Girls on the Run program is in dire needs of volunteer course monitors, due to the overwhelming popularity of the program that led to the second start time being developed.

Emily Clark
Emily Clark

And if you have a girl in your life that's between 3rd and 5th grade that's interested in GOTR or you're interested in getting them involved, here's exactly why you should.

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