The Way Way Store in have I missed this, because it's been here since the 20's.




I've been in Maine for over 30 years now, but there are still treasures that I find out about... like the Way Way Store.

They opened back in the 20's as a bit of a grocery store, and candy store (also a gas station too!). But the Cousens family who had owned it since the 20's, sold it in 2003.

However, good news - it is alive and well thanks to Peter Scontras, a retired historian and schoolteacher who bought it in 2011 and reopened it.

The Way Way Store is an institution and people are thrilled it is still going strong with traditional favorites like penny-candy and even a takeout ice cream window. Despite the insane competition, with many small family owned specialty shops closing, The Way Way Store is alive and kicking and on my list of places to go this summer!

The only thing I can't seem to find is WHY is it called Way Way Store?

Have you been?

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