During my recent trip to Meriden, Connecticut for a pinball tournament, a few of us got together for a late night dinner at a little hole in the wall called World Famous Ted's Steamed Cheeseburgers. It's certainly not your typical cheeseburger.

Ted's has been in business for over 50 years and was rated as #47 this year of the 101 best burgers in America by The Daily Meal.

The burger meat is steamed in steam cabinets right in front of you if you're sitting at the counter. You can see that cabinets to the left of this picture.

Teds Steamed Burgers

The cheese is also steamed and spooned over the burger and your favorite topping added to make it the way you like. It's different, but good. There are no french fries at Ted's, which is different too. You can have a side of delicious home fries as well cooked on the grill.

It's easy to see why Ted's has been in business for all these years. It's old fashioned, tiny diner making a unique type of burger that you need to try if you ever find yourself in Connecticut. It's worth a stop.

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