With as much gas as we go through to fill the tanks of our cars, we kind of take the process of filling up for granted. We pull up, swipe our card, put the nozzle in the tank and wait for it to click off. But, have you ever wondered what those pumps look like just beneath the surface? 

The Circle K on Commercial Street in Portland is in the process of having its pumps and underground tanks replaced. It's a major construction project that will take several months to complete by first replacing the tanks and pumps on the left side of the store and then the right.

We all know that there are tanks underground that hold the gasoline that is delivered by oil trucks. The truck arrives and fills the tank, and then when you fill up, the pump draws the gas from the holding tank and into your car's gas tank. Here's a look at what is just underneath the pumps as construction continues at Circle K.

Circle K Pumps

You can see the bases of the new pumps and the hoses coming out from them that will carry the gas from the storage tank to your gas tank. It appears the two pumps will have two grades of gas while the other two will have three, possibly adding diesel.

Like all the construction on Commercial Street, this will take most of the summer to complete, but when it's done and you fill up, now you'll know exactly what's going on under your feet.

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